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Non-Local School Enrolments

The 15 public schools across Cessnock work together co-operatively to deliver quality academic and wellbeing outcomes for over 4000 students in this community. Together, we are known as the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS).


The CCGPS are united in the enrolment of all students within the Cessnock area that is consistent with Department of Education policy and takes into account the well-being of the student.


Accordingly, we encourage all families to seek enrolment for their child at their local school. For more information about your local school, go to the

following link:  or contact your school directly to  confirm designated intake zones.

Parents may apply for the non-local enrolment of their child in another school of their choice in addition to their designated local school if spaces are available.


Availability of non-local places.

The number of students a school may enrol is limited by the availability of classroom

space. This means that some schools may not have room left for non-local enrolments after accommodating local children, while maintaining a buffer to allow for local placements throughout the year. To avoid disappointment, parents should check that there are places available in a school before applying.


Process for application for non-local enrolment.

  1. Parents should contact their local school during Term 1 each year. Parents wishing to apply for non-local enrolment should in the first instance have a discussion with their local school to discuss any issues surrounding local placement
  2. Parents still wishing to apply for non-local placement should complete an application for non-local application form which includes reasons for seeking non-local enrolment.
  3. The application should then be returned to your child's local school for processing by the 1st of July each year. The local school will forward all applications for review by the chosen schools non-local placement panel in consultation with the local school principal.
  4. Each school's placement panel will inform parents of the success of their application by 1st September each year.
  5. We encourage you to participate in your local school's transition programs until a decision is finalised to ensure a smooth transition to schooling should your application be unsuccessful.


Note: Once a student enrols in a non-local school, transfer to another non-local school will only be possible in exceptional circumstances. Transfer to the student's local school will be allowed if space is available.


Parents can appeal against decisions regarding non-local placement by writing to the Director Public Schools – Department of Education, 2 Caroline Place, Maitland 2320.


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